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Mastering Palworld: 18 Essential Tips and Strategies for New Players

Dive into the world of Palworld with our comprehensive guide. Discover 18 essential tips and tricks to enhance your gameplay experience. From capturing Pals to building your base, we cover everything you need to know as a beginner in Palworld.

Introduction to Palworld: A Beginner’s Journey

Welcome to the enchanting world of Palworld, a game that combines the thrill of monster-catching with the intricacies of survival and crafting in an expansive open world. As a new player, embarking on this adventure can be both exciting and daunting. This guide aims to equip you with essential strategies and tips to navigate the game effectively, ensuring a rewarding experience from the outset.

1. Effective Pal Capturing Techniques

Capturing Pals is more successful when you’re close to the creature and it has lower health. Utilize your throwing sphere skillfully to increase your chances of adding a new Pal to your collection.

2. Resource Gathering and Tools

Maximize resource collection by using specific tools for different materials. For mining, pickaxes are ideal, while axes are best for chopping trees. Although other tools can be used, their efficiency is significantly lower.

3. Instant Egg Hatching

In the settings menu, adjust the egg hatching option to zero for immediate results. This quick adjustment saves time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the game.

4. Multiplayer Dynamics

Understand the multiplayer aspect: local games support up to four players, while server games can host up to 32. Remember, the number of players who can actively participate is limited to these numbers, but more can be stored in the game’s data.

5. Strategic Base Location

When building your base, choose a location near teleportation points and on flat terrain for ease of access and construction.

6. Judicious Use of Metal Resources

Metal resources are scarce, so use them wisely. Avoid unnecessary expenditure to ensure a steady supply for crucial projects.

7. Capturing Tough Boss Pals

For challenging boss Pals, like a level 50 vortex dragon, use the face-to-face sphere throwing technique. Persistently throw spheres until you successfully capture the Pal.

8. Handling Rare Pals

When encountering rare Pals, like shiny creatures, be cautious not to defeat them accidentally. Use your first sphere when they’re close to defeat, and then recall your Pals to avoid killing the rare creature.

9. Leveraging Steam’s Game Sharing Feature

Take advantage of Steam’s game sharing feature, which allows one purchased game to be shared with up to five people, reducing the cost for everyone involved.

10. Crafting and Finding Spheres

Spheres, essential for capturing Pals, can be crafted or found in the wild, with varying qualities and rarities available. Additionally, eggs found in the wild can be brought back and hatched.

11. Save Data Mechanics

Understand that your progress is tied to the host. If you switch hosts, your game progress resets, which is true for both local and server games.

12. Utilizing Terrain in Boss Fights

You can climb trees in Palworld, which can be advantageous during boss fights. Use the terrain to your benefit, especially when facing formidable opponents.

13. Egg Hatching and Temperature Control

Build a roofed room for egg hatching. At night, the game indicates if the eggs are cold, so placing the incubator indoors helps maintain the right temperature.

14. Managing Work Pals’ Needs

Every working Pal needs a bed for rest. If their ‘san’ value drops, it negatively affects their work efficiency. Ensuring proper care is crucial for optimal productivity.

15. Safeguarding Against Pal Theft

Be aware that in multiplayer, Pals can be stolen. Protect your Pals and your base by locking doors and managing access.

16. Hosting Mechanics for Multiplayer

In a four-player local game, the host’s presence is required for others to join. In server games with up to 32 players, the server remains accessible regardless of the host’s presence.

17. Wild Boss Respawning

Wild bosses have specific respawn timers. In multiplayer, bosses can spawn in pairs, depending on the game settings.

18. Server Capacity and Future Expansions

Currently, the server capacity is fixed at 32 players, but plans to increase this limit are underway.

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